Hello and welcome to my Virtual Healing Room.

In these days of faster moving energies, we are all searching more and more for a balanced life.  Within these pages I share my wisdom and experience, gathered over the last 35 years.

Whether you are drawn to types of Energetic Healing, working with Crystals, learning more about the power of Breath and Sound, or asking questions about your life, this site can help you access the information you need to transform and heal.

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Honesty, Trust, Warmth and Confidentality


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Healing Therapies

Breath & Sound

By using breathing techniques, oxygen will be circulated throughout the whole body; improving your energy levels, physical and emotional well being and reducing stress.


The vibrational resonance of Sound and Tone will help you to heal yourself and allow you to discover your own true Voice and Soul note.

Primus Activation Meditation

The Primus Activation Meditation is a Meditation that has been designed to enable you to reach a heart-based state of unconditional love.  The Primus State promotes physical healing, the release of energetic and emotional blockages and stimulates the parts of the brain that are responsible for higher Spiritual vision and messages.

Crystal Vibrational Healing

Crystal Vibrational Healing is a hands-on healing modality which uses Crystals, Colour and Sound.

Crystal Workshops

Bronach's Crystal Workshops provide an opportunity to discover many facts about crystals, leading to what becomes, for most, a wonderful journey into and through the world of crystals; an opportunity to expand your knowledge and use of these amazing stones.


Have you reached a crossroads in your life?  Bronach offers guidance on both your personal and spiritual development.

Bronach's Blog

I know I have talked for months about getting my new website up and running and here it is...



Events & Workshops

We have lots of great events and workshops coming up - please check our events page as it is updated regularly.