One on One Consultations are designed to facilitate healing and personal & spiritual growth, using a range of techniques.

  • Spiritual Life Growth (moving forward and finding your life purpose)

  • Leap to Freedom (exploring past life memories, inherited traits, fears and phobias which may be holding you back)

  • Healing (with the use of specifically chosen crystals, PAHT, sounding, toning with crystal bowls and drumming)

In a secure and confidential environment, here in my Healing Room, I offer a tailored appointment to suit the individual needs of each client.  


I also welcome Skype and Telephone Consultations for the Spritiual Life Growth and Leap To Freedom sessions.


You will be welcomed with unconditional love, trust, truth, and honesty.


Please contact me for further details.



"Along life's path we meet people with truth and integrity, who present us with opportunities to manifest positive life changes.  Bronach is one of those people.   Bronach will welcome you with an open heart to her beautiful healing room.  Her easygoing nature coupled with her wisdom, will gently guide you through the very special time you will spend there. The transformative of the healing consultations with Bronach is amazingly powerful.    Her wide knowledge of the crystal world will enhance your experience, and the crystals present in her home will truly vibrate to help open your heart and lead you on life's path towards true freedom."    Lisa Angels

Lisa has been working with Angel energy since 2007 and can offer you a variety of angel experiences... Angel Individual Guidance, Angel Soul Journey Sessions & Rahanni Celestial Healing.  Visit her Lisa Angels website for more information.


Healing Therapies